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Pamurai [userpic]

New anime (new for me)

January 8th, 2011 (01:53 pm)

current location: Sweden, Segeltorp
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Alex came by and dumped a load of anime on my external HD, so I've been giving the series a peek or two. Here follows a review:

- Golden Boy (1995)
Oh. My. God. Uuh... xD Let me start off by saying that we were discussing things we liked/disliked about anime, and on my top-10 list of dislikes is overly sexual female characters, who serve no other point than fan servicing the male audience (including all the jokes that go with it, such as "oh mai I tripped and face planted right into your cleavage hurr durr *nosebleed*" =__=).
Alex then cajoled me into watching the first episode of Golden Boy, and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at tit jokes. Seriously, if you get a chance, see it! The first episode damn near killed me, and the other episodes are awesome as well! 8D

- Slayers (1995)
I remember seeing the first episode of Slayers waaaay back, but I never managed to get a hold of the rest of the series. That problem is no more, thanks to Alex! ^3^ *chu* Watched a few episodes, and I'm in love with Zelgadiss all over again (even though this is the first time I hear him talk, aah the power of fanfiction ;D).

- Trigun (1998)
When I was around 13 years old, I was newly introduced to anime. Having heard about a certain store called the Science Fiction Bookstore, I headed off in search of material to feed what was to become an obsession. Now, at the time the VAT (value-added tax) on books was 20%, as compared to the 6% of today. That meant, that the first English manga volume that I bought cost 220 Swedish kronor or roughly 30$.
Having no income I sought out cheaper items, and came upon a magazine called Animerica. I bought a few copies, and was overjoyed at the amount of articles, advertisements, fan art, cosplay photos and more! One of the ads that stuck with me for quite a while was one for Trigun. It just looked amazing: a handsome, tall young man sporting a red trench coat full of bullet holes, coupled with the text: "WANTED - Vash the Stampede - 60$$ billion!"
It only took one trip to the anime section (all VHS) to realise that I would never be able to afford it (one VHS cost around 32$, aaargh!) Once again, thank you Alex!! 8DD ♥

- Ebichu (1999)
*cough* 8D; I saw the whole series on youtube a few years ago. I was shocked then (mainly due to the fact that it was aired during a children's program... Japan... @_@), and now I'm shocked again. Thank you Alex, I love you. ♥

- Gokudo (1999)
Saw a bit of the first episode together with Alex, seems promising enough xDD;

- Rune Soldier (2001)
Haven't had time to watch this yet, so no comment. o3o;;

And lastly, an anime recommended by Luna ♥

- Kuragehime (2010)
First off, the information about this series is dreadful. I want to point out that this is a shôjo anime, one of the few that I've watched, and one of the even fewer that I have genuinely enjoyed. Basically, it's about female nerds, a cross-dressing male, Japan's prime minister and awkward moments between shut-ins and hipsters. 8D
You really ought to watch this if you have the time. According to the subtitling groups the eleventh episode is the final one, but personally I'm hoping for a second season. x3 *makes stabbing motions at one of the female characters in the series* Die~! ♥

Other than that, I'm alive and well. Herp derp. ö3ö